Why Chelsea’s Charlie Colkett should choose Ostersunds over Aston Villa

So in the news these last days there have been rumors about Championship club Aston Villa targeting Chelseas talented midfielder Charlie Colkett a player who also have been under Swedish top team Ostersunds radar for quite some time now.
People are talking about a thug war between the two clubs trying to sign Charlie on a loan deal with permanent option.

Of course Aston Villa is a much older and bigger club than Ostersunds but according to me Charlie have alot more to win if he goes to the Swedish team. Why? I will try to explain my point.

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Chelsea have been striking loan deals with clubs since 2016 when he first joined Bristol Rovers and after that Swindon Town, Vitesse and now last Shrewsbury.

Chelsea have seen the talent within Charlie and will probably give him one more chance to prove himself in a new loan deal before selling him. Colkett was once said to be the new Frank Lampard so he have had a lot to live up to.

So why would a move to Sweden benefit his future career? Well first of all, going to Aston Villa wouldn’t be much more difference than the loans he had to Shrewsbury and Swindon. And ”different” is just what he needs. I think everyone that knows him know that he can play football, that he is indeed very talented.

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Ostersund have been notorious in the past to have taken players like Charlie Colkett and make them improve not only as football players but also as persons, give them the confidence and a better own self image, building their self esteem up and more or less make men out of boys. Charlie Colkett needs something different and i Jämtland we have the word ”eljest” which means something like – Just be yourself, how goofy and how stupid you might be you will still be accepted. – Eljest is a way to encourage people to be them selves, to embrace the differences we all have and to be brave to show them instead of hiding them.

So to keep it short, Colkett’s only way to level up is to build on his person, to create character and self development since he already know football. Ostersunds can give him all this, I don’t think Aston Villa can make him grow as a person the same way.

Sometimes you need to look outside the football field to see whats missing.

And… I’m pretty sure he would like the way Ostersunds play. Nordic tiki-taka shouldn’t be underestimated. He would also like the nature, the more relaxed way of living and everything about Allsvenskan and Swedish football.

Charlie Colkett, you are more than welcome to Jämtland if You want. We will take care of you in the best way possible.

PHOTO’s: Balr https://www.balr.com/magazine/charlie-colkett

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